Salvage Title Loan Los Angeles Vehicles Qualify for Title Loans

Salvage Title Loan Los Angeles.

We provide loans on salvage title vehicles in California, New Mexico, Utah, and South Carolina.


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Are you getting turned down by car title loan companies because your car has a salvage title? We are one of the few title loan companies that gives title loans on salvage title vehicles. Get a quick cash loan today!

Junk certificates wont work. A junk certificate is something you get when you buy a car from an auction at a place like co-parts.

Auctions like these are selling off cars that insurance companies have deemed a total loss. When you buy a car from an auction like this you have to go through a brake and lamp inspection to title the car in your name.

salvage title loan los angeles
Example of a California Salvaged Title. It says Salvaged written across the upper right hand corner.

When you get the vehicle titled in your name, you will get an actual California Title, it will just say salvage across the top right like this picture clearly demonstrates.

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We offer other services as well such as used cars for sale, and we buy cars for cash.




Salvage titled cars are hard to sell. It puts up a big red flag for the buyer. The price has to be excellent for the buyer to even consider it.

Generally, a salvaged titled vehicle is worth half of the vehicles blue book value. Salvaged titled cars are less safe than other vehicle. Salvaged titles cars are usually badly damaged and sometimes the airbags are deployed. It’s kind of like sitting on a chair that has had four broken legs but now they are glued back together. Not completely stable.










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