Lost California Car Title So What Do I Do Now? Here Are Some Tips

Here are some tips if you have a lost California Car Title. Say you are selling your car and you can’t find the title. The easiest thing to do is get a duplicate title. The DMV charges and additional fee of $19 to use a duplicate. The form is called REG227 and can be downloaded here.

Lost California Car Title
This is what an actual California Title to a vehicle looks like.

It is typical for several people to fill out this form wrong. If you are selling the car make sure to fill out lines 1, 3, and 4. If someone is giving you a duplicate title instead of the actual title be careful.  That vehicle could still have a lien on it.

Sometimes you have to get a lien satisified. A lien satisfied is a signed DMV Document by the Lender saying that the lien has been satisfied (car has been payed for) and that no more money is owed on it.

Many people don’t know the necessary documents they need to have in order to sell their vehicle. If you lost the title and just want to get a replacement you can do that as well at the DMV. Another important tip is that the seller of a vehicle always has to smog it.

Every time a vehicle is sold it has to be smogged. A typical thing a private seller will say is “I did it two months ago because I had to renew the registration. It’s good so I don’t need to do it again.” This isn’t true. A smog certificate for the public is good for three months meaning someone can smog their car and have withing three months to transfer ownership of a vehicle.

For a dealer it is two years. Just remember it has to be done by the seller. Thank you for reading and hope this information helps you out.

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