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When it comes to Title Loans Customer Service, we strive on providing excellent customer service.

Title Loans Customer Service
Title Loans Customer Service

Feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions on our contact form. If you’re are just curious about how the process works, want to know how much you can borrow? Tell us about your vehicle? Just fill out the form to get  started.

We don’t try to play any gimmicks or games with our customers. We don’t like aggressive sales people just like our customers don’t. Don’t let anybody convince you you need something that you don’t. We tell you exactly like it is. Nothing is hidden. If at anytime you’re confused don’t be shy, just ask.

Did you know that you can also take out title loans on your Jet Ski, Boat, Dune Buggy, Airplane? You also get to keep your collateral while you’re paying off the loan. Unlike a Pawn, you can continue to use your car and drive it to work.If you’re a pizza delivery man, or anybody who needs their vehicle to work this loan is perfect.

Keep in mind when applying for a car title loan. Title loans are very similar in the way they work to payday loans. They are high interest short term loans. You pay a balloon payment at generally the end of a month term. If you can’t make the payment, the loan gets either rolled over for another month with extra penalties and interest, or the car gets repossessed. Feel confident you can pay the loan back otherwise you can lose your car!

If you have any interest in applying for a title loan or a payday loan and you are in the Southern California/ Greater Los Angeles please contact us on our title loan contact form.


We offer other services as well such as cash 4 gold, used cars for sale, and we buy cars for cash.

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